10 Feb

The Simple 4 Step Morning Routine That Simplifies My Life, And How It’ll Help You Manage Your Self, Time, and Feel Better.

Whuzzzzit? Yeah, I haven’t been posting any of the content I’ve got written behind the scenes in my WordPress install. I’ve been focusing my efforts entirely on pitching the best content I produce to other big names on the Internet.

But, writing it’s the only form that internet content can take, is it? Not even close.

For example…

Vsauce, one of my favorite Youtube channels, produces absouletly awe-inspiring video content.

Matthew Kremer, a friend of mine who wrote a book in 24 hours and coded his own startup product called Kobra, creates both written and audio content through his blog and podcast series.

Ding Ding! There’s the sound of the idea bulb in my head switching on. Why in the world am I not creating video content? There are soooo many benefits to creating video or audio content.


For Example…

  1. You Gain More Confidence. Hiding behind a computer screen with your fingers slamming down on your keyboard with the gravitational force of 10,000 suns improves your written expressionery skills, but it doesn’t contribute a whole heck of a lot to your interpersonal skills. If you’re anything like me than you’re skills in that department are shameful at the least and detrimental to your success at worst.
  2. Binding Those Neurons Is Kewl. You learn more through repetition than anything else. One of the major reasons why schooling seems to be repetitive is because that’s how it’s designed to be, so that your neurons begin binding together to form new connections and patterns in your memory.
  3. You get More Comfortable With Being Filmed. Easily the most fundamental reason you should film yourself daily. That doesn’t mean you have to release the content for anyone to see because it’s truthfully for your benefit, more than anyone else’s. But learning how to become comfortable on a screen is something you’ll need to achieve as your forge your path through to success. Consider it your master-sword to be used against the evil that wishes to lead you astray.

So, with all of these benefits why have I chosen to remain in the dark so long?

Because I let fear control my actions….

But, now I’m ready to advance those people skills and develop my confidence by filming myself daily.


By explaining the benefits of and what events occur during my morning routine, for example….