How to Cut Fat By Regularly Eating The Same Meals


The simple answer is that it doesn’t have any negative effect. Unless you’re not getting all the nutrients that your body needs. Bear with me because this post will get long before answering the question in the title. Keep it mind that context is more important than information by itself.You’re constantly bombarded with information without implementing any practical solutions to your life. If you’d […]

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10 powerful quotes from the world’s most successful people.

10 powerful quotes

Quotes have an effect on our ability to reprieve the world. Regularly we’re too blinded by our biases and opinions on topics to see the world through someone else’s eyes… It was difficult to share ways of viewing the world before communication evolved from cave drawings to complex writing systems used by scribes. In the past you would be limited […]

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Delving Deeper Into Dunbar’s Number: The Science And Evolution’s Role.


So, I recently pitched an article about the psychological limits behind the human mind – known as Dunbar’s Number –  to a large internet publisher, to which I have the out-most respect, and we’re still in talks about getting that piece published, however… I thought  it might be interesting to delve deeper into the psychology and science behind Dunbar’s Number because […]

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The Simple 4 Step Morning Routine That Simplifies My Life, And How It’ll Help You Manage Your Self, Time, and Feel Better.

morning routine featured

Whuzzzzit? Yeah, I haven’t been posting any of the content I’ve got written behind the scenes in my WordPress install. I’ve been focusing my efforts entirely on pitching the best content I produce to other big names on the Internet. But, writing it’s the only form that internet content can take, is it? Not even close. For example… Vsauce, one […]

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23 Life-Changing Blogs, Websites, and Chrome Extensions That Will Super-Charge Your Life In 2015.

life changing featrured image

With the coming of 2015(and my impending 23rd birthday in March) I’ve begun understanding the phrase, “where has the time gone?” Time really does pass you by far, far too quickly if you don’t create memories worth sharing, interact with other people, learn from them, and develop who you are. Without actually living your life you’re going to feel as […]

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5 Ways Call Centers Kill The Spirits Of Their Employees(And 4 Ways To Remedy The Situation.)


  You may not understand where I’m coming from  if you’ve never worked in a call center before. If you’re lucky enough to have nailed a job working the phones in a government job than you also can’t relate because Government phone operators are well-protected. There is this trend for phone operators working for mobile companies and in other customer service roles […]

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10 Books That Change How You See The World, Yourself and Business.

10 books featured image

Books are knowledge born from the greatest minds who’ve ever lived so long as you choose the right authors. There is arguably no better way for you to get ahead in life then reading the right books written about powerful topics or that study the minds of the greatest men in history. If you’re looking to understand present day success than read […]

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